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Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

Preventive maintenance of your HVAC system can significantly increase your indoor air quality (and reduce your chances of suffering with a summer cold). This routine, regularly-performed maintenance includes some do-it-yourself actions as well as more complex maintenance tasks your experienced HVAC service provider at Synergy can assist with! Don’t wait until the summer heat or winter cold spreads like wildfire throughout your entire home, wreaking havoc on your summer or holiday fun. We offer plans that help you improve your indoor air quality and avoid costly breakdowns.

Synergy's Plans

From routine servicing of your HVAC system to DIY actions like changing the air filter as well as upgrading to an air purifier, Synergy HVAC can assist in improving the air quality in your home and reducing your risk of airborne infections and big HVAC bills. Even one visit per year can do wonders for your system! We also offer 10-year warranties on newly installed units, and now have extended warranty options.

Gold Quarterly Maintenance

This plan includes 4 visits a year and totals $380.

Silver Bi-Yearly Maintenance

This plan includes 2 visits a year and totals $190.

Bronze Yearly Maintenance

This plan includes 1 visit a year and totals $95.

What does a tune-up include?

Every tune-up includes a full review of all the technical bits and bobs that make your HVAC system. If we’re getting specific, we’ll inspect and service your:

Have a competitors estimate?

We will price match or beat any competitor’s written estimate, guaranteed!

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